Review: Spin Palace slot Big Kahuna: Snakes & Ladders

Released two years ago, Big Kahuna: Snakes & Ladders is still a popular favorite at new casinos. Since this writer had yet to try the video slot on the Netbook, this seemed like a good opportunity. Big Kahuna: Snakes & Ladders is an excellently done combination of old style fruit machine and modern video slot game. The first round features mostly fruit symbols mixed in with symbols depicting various characters from the backstory – this round looks just as fantastic on the small Netbook screen. The game’s bright colors and almost iconic symbols are just as inviting here as on the PC.

But it’s the bonus round that was worrisome. Landing three snake symbols on a spin sends the player into a video round nostalgically based on the “Snakes & Ladders” board game. “Roll” the dice on the screen to advance your peg around the familiar board. The further you get, the higher your payout in truly one of the very best video rounds in any online slot game.

The good news is that Microgaming’s video round survives the transition to the small screen remarkably well. There’s the natural loss of some detail, but otherwise the “board game” will be just as much fun to play in private with your Netbook.

Play the flash version of Big Kahuna: Snakes & Ladders at Spin Palace Casino, a top-quality gaming website featuring one of the biggest ranges among no download casinos: exactly 200 games. Spin Palace Casino currently offers a signup bonus of $150 free on first deposit, plus another $850 in match bonuses available – take the huge bonus and play the huge selection at Spin Palace Casino today!

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The online gambling business is a booming one and it’s only expected to blossom further. As a result, internet casinos are forced to come up with more and new innovative promotions on a regular basis.

Not all online casinos can keep up with the flow and many of them settle for a first deposit bonus of around 100% up to $100. It’s times like these, when we see what other online casinos have to offer, that where to take one’s netbook becomes obvious. Rockbet Casino seems to continuously leave most of its competitors in the dust.

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The welcome promotion currently running at Rockbet is actually a set of 5 different deposit bonuses. Through this set of bonuses, members can get their hands on a massive $2,500 for absolutely free. The bonuses in this promotion are as follows: 100% up to $750, 25% up to $250, 50% up to $500, 75% up to $750, and finally 25% up to $250.

On top of this amazing promotion, players can take advantage of a comp points program that proves to be very rewarding. For every 1,000 points players get $1 back!

Rockbet Casino is an amazing internet casino powered on popular software provided by Rival Gaming. They have a nice selection of high quality games and accept players from the U.S. without a problem. Go to the Rockbet Casino website for more information or to collect your free money today!

Spin Palace Casino

Spin palace casino is a recognized premium UK online casino where players enjoy the best games with the biggest jackpots that exceed every player’s expectations. Players at Spin palace casino enjoy weekly offers that boost their experience. Some of the games at casino Spin palace include slot tournaments and black jack competitions. Players also enjoy loyalty point offers and are regularly rewarded. Spin palace casino gives professional support including languages and terms of the casino to starters at regular periods to improve their gaming skills. Spin Palace Casino is one of best casino online for several years now and the loyal following & overall standing bears the testament to world class experience that they give the members. Casino is owned & run by experienced & financially sound Palace Group.

Spin Palace combines quality of Microgaming casino platform and with state of art payment processing as well as world class client support that can compare to best in industry. Often we have featured the casino as our best site of month. There is not any doubt in minds that the Spin Palace Casino is among top 5 Microgaming licensed casinos. More are here at

Bonuses & Promotions:

Apart from this fact you may select from many games to play in this casino, one more reason why the Spin Palace casino has become very popular is it is the generous casino. And it has the sign up bonus of around $1000 free. It is already the sweet deal for the casino welcome bonuses for new players, and it has drawn a lot of attention.

Software & Special Features:

  • State of art safety
  • Efficient download procedure & automatic software updates when you play
  • Auto play & hand analysis
  • Many game analysis features
  • Multi platform support
  • Leading graphics

Deposit & Withdrawal Choices:

There are any payment techniques not supported by the Casino Spin Palace. They are the experts in supporting the localized payment techniques that are tailored for the customers in owner countries & have devised the efficient process for guiding players to method well suited to them. It includes the electronic transfers, credit cards, e-wallets, as well as pre-paid methods.

Player Services:

The casino prides on quality of multi lingual, 24/7customer service delivered by phone, live chat and email. Prestigious Grand Slam of the Slots is an ultimate slot tournament in Spin Palace & this year saw the members battle out for the red hot around €1,000,000 jackpot! With launch of the gaming platform for the cell phones you may now download the Spin Palace software and enjoy anticipation and excitement of your favorite games, anywhere and anytime!

Best Gambling Casino Tips

Whether you are just getting started in online casino gambling or are a seasoned professional, there are 5 key casino tips you need to remember in order to maximize your online gaming enjoyment:

  • #1 – Only play on reputable and lucrative UK licensed online casinos which are listed on This means you should choose online gambling casinos that are ‘licensed’ and openly advertise their monthly audited percentage payouts on their websites.
  • #2 – Understand the rules of the game before you begin playing. Too often inexperienced players get caught up in the excitement of gambling online and jump straight into a game before they know the rules. This can result in financial losses.
  • #3 – Set a maximum daily or session limit and stick to it. Say you have $1000 to gamble with in a month. Instead of bringing it all to one session and risk losing it, rather split it amongst the number of sessions you will be playing. So if you intend to play 5 times a week, for instance, your monthly session limit would $50, no less, no more.
  • #4 – If you are tired or fatigued, take a break or quit your session. Take regular breaks from your game if you feel your concentration waning or if you are tired. You are less likely to make costly mistakes if you only play alert.
  • #5 – Only gamble online as long as it is fun and entertaining for you. Online gambling should be fun, exciting and hopefully, lucrative. If you gamble for fun with money you can afford to gamble with, you should always have fun online. If this is not the case, then you should perhaps think about quitting or at least taking a break.

The Ultimate Guide to Explainer Videos

You might have seen many websites which have used animated videos in the home page. It does not matter whether you name it corporate videos or explainer videos; they serve same purpose. These videos are regarded as great marketing tools for any kind of business.

You might ask question why there are different kinds of videos? Actually, particular videos appeal, particular types of audiences. Even budget of the particular videos influence the style of explainer videos. Without judging your audiences, you cannot make perfect explainer videos. Best Production company to you ordering a new video at

From the report it has been found that after adding explainer video in their websites, the people have found that their businesses have been increased. It is also found that their customers have dramatically increased.

So, what is the perfect way which helps the businessman to increase their conversion rate? To understand it, you should follow some process which will help you to make perfect explainer videos.

Select the perfect audience

It totally depends on you what type of customers you want to target by your videos. According to your audience you should make your videos. Otherwise, you will not earn perfect effect of your videos. For example, some products might be perfect for the younger people, but if you make a video with highly philosophical thought, you will not get good response.

Perfect sound effect

Everything in your video might be ok, but if there are problems with sounds, you will not be able to reach your target. It is better to hire an experienced sound engineer to put the sound in your videos. Sometime for the lower quality sounds customers might be irritated and they may never come back again for your products.

Select a reputed company

To ensure quality, you should select a reputed experienced company. You can expect quality work from that company and it can be expect that they will deliver your product timely.

Revitalize Casinos

A report in the Irish Examiner has shown that HRI, or Horse Racing Ireland, might be considering the possibility of allowing their customers to bet through Internet betting systems similar to This development is due to the fact that HRI has discovered a decrease in attendance of gamblers and others during Irish racing events. The purpose is hopefully to reverse to declining number of punters, whether in land-based or online casino and gambling venues, at the racing meets. HRI just recently launched with the Strategic Marketing Group, and the group has offered several suggestions and recommendations so that the horse racing sports will be revitalized.

One of the strategies to revitalize the sports is to open up lounges that have WI-FIs. Aside from that, it is also suggested that HRI will form partnerships with providers of internet betting and online casinos. These strategies will allow the younger generation of gamblers to be attracted to the sports and wagering, as well as for HRI to reconnect, not just with the gamblers, but with all the sectors of the public. According to the newspaper report, the decrease in attendance in race courses is due to the invasion of the online casino and betting, as well as the, phone betting.

According to Michael O’Rourke of the new marketing group, this is a nucleus of people who are practically interested in horse racing just to bet. However, there are a growing number of options available off the course for these gamblers to bet. Their goal is to attract people, especially those playing online casinos, to go back to the racecourse. An improvement scheme for the racecourses will be drawn by the group, focusing on the improvement of The Curragh and Leopardstown racecourses.

What is a Sportsbook

A sportsbook or sports book is a place to wager or put bets on various sports competitions. The sports may include football basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, horse racing or boxing. The ‘book’ is short for bookmaker or ‘bookie’, and the best UK Betting sites are here. Betting online is increasing popular.

But don’t rely on luck…

What is a Sportsbook

Most sports bettors are overall losers as the bookmakers odds of course stacked in their favour. However I expect to win $20,000 this year – all on about 5-10 minutes a day. If you want to do the same don’t risk your precious capital and end up in debt. Do what I do.

I follow the advice of one person, John Morrison, who has worked out how to beat the bookmakers and he shares his tips for a little fee. They are not really tips – it is all worked out statistically. I strongly recommend if you want to earn from betting instead of being a loser, pay John for his advice, which he will email to you before the bet. The promo video below is worth watching. Take my word – it is very cheap compared to the money which you will win (with nearly 98% probability).

Nor is it a scam. Cautious as I am I had to prove that. The best way to prove to yourself it is not a scam is to decide whatever capital you can invest/risk. Let’s say you start with $2000 dollars and place it into an account with BET US online. Follow John’s advice and keep bets low – say 50-60 dollars each. Reason you keep the first bets low is that to re-gain any loss, you go onto a next level bet – a B bet from an A bet. Anyway that’s all explained, but I emphasise to keep your risk low by keeping each bet low.

Follow this for a couple of months and you can see how much you win/lose without risking all your capital.

I doubled my $2000 in ONE MONTH by making these small bets. That’s 100% return in a month. (I’m risking $120 each bet at present, but I have in mind I can risk little more than $2000). Yes, I am still risking, but I’ve not increased the bets too much yet so I can build and retain capital. I know there is a 3% chance I could end up going to what John calls a C bet. You need to understand A, B and C bets – the system used by John – it is explained elsewhere on this site and also at John’s site – click here to go there.

When my friend told me she had made it into a steady extra income I had to ask what is a sports book. I knew nothing about betting before this. In fact I hardly knew anything about basketball or football. I recommend spending a few hours getting to understand the system, then set up an account to transfer money to and from BET US eg using Thereafter you only need to spend a few minutes logging onto BET US whenever John sends you an email.

Best Playtech Casinos

When you go online to enjoy the casino games, you want to know you are playing at the online casino that is the best fit for you and which will serve the most of your gaming interests. This means you want to do all you can to find the best playtech casino. Online resources will help you with your search and they come in many forms with some being reviews, articles, and forums. Learn what you can about the best online casinos using these resources and then start playing the games you want. Here are the main things to look for in an online casino:

The first thing you want to see that a casino has is a pleasant design that makes you feel secure with the casino and which you find to be easy to navigate your way around. Joining an online casino that you have any doubts about or that is confusing to you will leave you not looking forward to playing there. On the other hand, finding a casino you are confidant with and that is designed as if it were created with you in mind will leave you looking forward to returning as much as possible.

You want to verify that you will have access to the games you want to play the most. You should also make sure the casino gives you the information you need to play new games. This means you should be provided with detailed instructions on how the games are played.

Pay attention to the promotions section and look for bonuses, promotions, and other specials that you will have access to as both a new and existing player. Be sure to go over the terms and conditions of the different bonuses so you know that they are going to be both helpful and easy for you to clear.

You also want to go through the other main sections of the casino and see that everything is in order and to your liking. This includes the banking section and the help section. You need to have the ability to make your deposits and cashouts using methods that you are familiar with and that fit your needs. You also want to know you can ask for assistance using a form of contact that will work for you.

Get a good feel for the casino and make notes to yourself about what it is that makes that particular online casino the best one for you. Once you locate the right one, you will see that it will have a lot of features to it that leave you feeling as if you are making the best decision.

Joining the right online casino will allow you to have a great time playing the games you get the most out of. You will know you are going to have fun whether you win or lose and this will be important to you. Casino games produce wins, but playing them should also be an enjoyable experience, even during those periods when you aren’t seeing the wins you would have liked to see.